2022 Finalists

#SkillUP Category Finalists

Nathan Sherratt The Third Team

The Third Team supports sports officials to help them optimise their performance levels and enhance their wellbeing by developing their levels of resilience.  To achieve the desired results for our clients we work with them on a 1-2-1 and group basis, using online means and face to face delivery. The types of challenges that we support officials with include: Maintaining Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing, Social Media – Making the Right Decisions Online, Reigniting Your Passion for Refereeing, Dealing with Unexpected Incidents On The Field of Play and Officiating with Confidence.

Vishay Karia Project Student Housing

Project Student Housing is a start-up based out of Durham University.

Project Student Housing aims to bring the student property industry to the 21st Century. 

It looks to reduce the exploitative nature of the student housing industry and increase the standard of student housing nationally, through the use of technological advancements and data. The lower ATC shall increase ROI for landlords. The use of a tech-platform allows for all communications to be logged and recorded for transparency. Project Student Housing aims to address the issues facing both, students and, landlords. It aims to reduce rents, increase the standard of living for students, all while increasing ROI for landlords.

We are looking to put a dent into an industry worth £8bn.

Walter Cutabiala Unity Dream Channel

Unity Dream Channel Ltd uses music and entertainment to bring people together in a creative space.

Sergio Serrano Blanco Algaceutics

Algaceutics is a science-technology based idea which aims to provide a solution to increased demand for plant-based lifestyles and move away from use of fertilizers on crops by recovering the nutrients from other industries co-products to grow microalgae. By utilizing microalgal biomass to provide nutrients for future crops and providing fine protein for human or animal consumption, Algaceutics aims to promote a cleaner and more sustainable economy and lifestyle choices. 

Carley Solomon Canny Northern Casting

Canny Northern Casting is the first casting agency of it’s kind in the NE, representing actors, models, dancers, specialist performers, equestrians, stunt performers and more for film, television and photographic campaign opportunities, predominantly supporting Northern based creatives.

Heidi Lindsay Heidi Boo

Heidi Boo is a sustainable preloved baby and children’s clothing business, offering high-quality and affordable clothing for parents, carers, and families. Heidi Boo offers all types of clothing, making it a go-to-place for restocking the children’s wardrobes.  

Devraj Koshti Connect

Connect aims to create a digital platform, where individuals and companies can share skills, knowledge and expertise to promote a better connected small business sector. Devraj is committed to use networking and digital connecting to serve and help the larger community.

Stephanie Greener WEAREGREENCOW

WEAREGREENCOW is a craft and cross-stitching business that promotes the art of cross-stitching across the North East. With an offer that includes pre-made and personalised cross-stitching as well as make your own kits, Steph is passionate about become a sustainable business and wants to get more people involved into crafts and become as in love as she is.

Sacha Ogosi Odogwu Apparel

Odogwu Apparel bring fabrics and clothes using traditional African prints and designs from the tailors and wholesalers located in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa, proving a sustainable and reliable source of income for them and brings African fashion to the forefront of the western fashion world. Providing a multi-faceted fashion and design service to customers, Sacha's offer includes readymade wear using traditional African fabrics and designs, custom design service-where customers are able to design their own pieces and the option to purchase yards of a particular material which can be bought as gifts or used to design pieces for celebrations.

Sam Coulthard Sammy's Baking

Sammy's Baking is a home based business selling delicious hand made cakes and goodies in Northumberland. Sam runs the business with the help of her parents and is committed to bringing tasty treats to the guests and visitors to Royal Northumberland Yacht Club in Blyth.

Jakub Stadnik BFreak Project

The BFreak project is a virtual creative space for creators around the world where creative people can interacting with each other, Inspire other people to become more creative and in doing so unleash the creative potential of humanity to influence the world. Jacob has a vision to begin a global creative revolution and with every year, develop philosophy and actions that will inspire humanity to use more of their creativity, teach creativity in schools and solve global problems.

Imogen Russell The Little Sleep Company

The Little Sleep Company is there to nurture better sleep for sleep deprived families, offering compassionate training to give babies confidence and security to sleep independently; providing parents the opportunity to reconnect and get some well deserved rest! Imogen is studying psychology and understands the the physical, mental and social impact poor sleep has on us including mood, relationships, cognition, risk of disease and even mortality. Imogen is committed to playing a proactive role in societal health, and what better place to start than sleep!

#StartUP Category Finalists

Lisa-Marie Tonelli North East International Film Festival

Keepin' It Reel Productions aim to establish the North East International Film Festival as one of the go-to festivals for British premieres to encourage tourism to the area and support the local North East economy. The festival attracts global filmmakers whilst maximising the opportunity to showcase local talent, companies and stunning film locations.

With a core ethos focused on equality, inclusivity, diversity collaboration and participation, Lisa-Marie is dedicated to using North East international Film Festival to shine a brighter light on the diversity and talent in the region as a whole.

Alosh Jose Cricketqube

Cricketqube is a lifestyle cricket startup that makes cricket accessible to everyone to improve health and wellbeing. Focused heavily on healthy ageing, Alosh and his team work across the North East with lots of marginalised groups, including those from South Asian backgrounds and people who have dementia and Parkinson’s. As one of only 30 companies in the UK to receive a contract to study healthy ageing from Sheffield Hallam University Healthy Ageing Accelerator, Cricketqube is committed to stripping away all the expensive gear and the posing and make it what it actually is - a game that people love!

Jasmin Ahmed Jasmin's Canapes

Jasmine Canapes are a bespoke events catering company specialising in handcrafted canapés for any occasions including a wide range of unique party platters and creative table styling packages. Jasmine is committed to bringing a fusion of her family traditional recipes with her own British style of home cooked food served beautifully in professional table styling packages.

Rosie Bath Cera Cotton

Cera Cotton is a homeware and lifestyle brand supplying a range of non-plastic waterproof textile products for everyday life. Products are practical and beautiful with nature themed designs which reflect the brand’s eco-friendly ethos, only using wax cotton as the primary fabric bringing to the market an alternative to plastic products. Rosie from Cera Cotton is committed to provide the perfect products to meet the consumers’ needs for a sustainable lifestyle.

James Staniforth Sustainable Business Services

Sustainable Business Services is on a mission to work with organisations and individuals to be more sustainable, to make a positive impact on the environment and North East communities by supporting business to address their environmental impact. The range of services James offers will support, co-create and inspire partners, clients and stakeholders to collectively develop sustainable, innovative business practices to drive collective impact and financial performance consistently.

James Miller Grape Software

Grape Software is an innovative food technology company, aiming to transform a 30+ year antiquated and laborious manual process of food hygiene inspections in the UK with a vision to create a modern, collaborative web-based application that will digitise and facilitate UK food hygiene inspections for both food inspectors and food businesses, increasing communication, efficiency and productivity.

James is committed to developing the software that is the leading food hygiene inspection tool for food businesses and food inspectors now and in the future.

Sarah Bentham Coco Bana

Sarah is championing the benefits of red light therapy as an alternative therapy to pain relief with her business of red therapy beds. This therapy uses red and near infrared light at specific wavelengths, to give energy to cells in and below the surface which has an anti-inflammatory and cellular rejuvenation effect.

Sarah is committed to making more widely available this non-invasive, personalised and innovative therapy in the North East which will help people who live in pain every single day to have a better life.

Rebecca May Inflation Creation

Inflation Creation is an events/ balloon decorating business who specializes in big builds, wearables and outside the box creations. The aim is to ensure every customers event is memorable whether its a giant 10ft Frankenstein or a Chinese dragon, all will create some fantastic photo opportunities.

Rebecca is dedicated to help her customers make memories they will never forget through her own personal and creative service.

Angie Stewart Dare2byou

Dare2byou offers a personal development support service aimed at disabled people who want to be in control of the small daily habits and goals they set for themselves. Using her expertise in coaching and personal experience of living with a physical disability, Angie uses her coaching and personal experience along with her core values of independence, honesty, dedication, vibrancy and innovation with clients to help them improve their quality of life. Angie is dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to connect with each other and learn how to focus, find balance and take steps towards living their purpose every day.

James Tyer Bud Couriers

Bud Couriers is a zero-emission, local logistics services provider using large electric cargo bikes, working mainly with clients in Newcastle and Gateshead to support their delivery needs in the local area. James believes and is committed to promoting that by transporting goods in this less than traditional method of delivery is not only cost effective but can make a real change by implementing sustainability into the every day operations of other businesses, charities and Councils.

Justine Carrion-Weiss The Blooming Platypus

The Blooming Platypus is a design innovation consultancy with a passion to help future-proof organisations, their business model and activities by creating opportunities using design thinking, tools and methods. Offering core services that can be tailored and combined to deliver a bespoke service plan, based on our clients’ needs including rapid design interventions, live projects, consultancy, innovation training and keynotes, Justine is dedicated to highlighting the often behind the scenes creative, proactive and innovative approaches to business development.

Aimee Burns Pink and Peach

Pink & Peach provides artwork to fill your home and lift peoples mood using

bright colours that make people stop and pause in the present moment to erase any negative thoughts that may be going through their mind.

Aimee designs and sells art prints, pet portraits and greeting cards with the aim being to help people who may be struggling with their mental health, using her online Facebook community to provide a safe space where people can freely talk about their mental health issues and how to help each other out.

Gillian Hauxwell Strong Point Games

Strong Point is a card based Trivia Game which we devised to keep families, friends & groups entertained in a simple, fun, exciting, social environment with a twist! Not only do players earn points by answering their own questions correctly but can earn bonus points by predicting how many of their opponents will answer correctly on their turn.

Gill and Si are committed to bring Strong Point to the homes of everyone in the North East but its not just about what you know but who knows what you know ....

Thi Huong Tra Nguyen Train Air

The Training Marketplace, a new digital platform developed by TrainAir, is designed to connect buyers of training to find those who deliver it. Using this Airbnb style platform for the training industry will solve the marketing and visibility problem which many training providers suffer from and will provide the best user experience for buyers searching for the best training delivery.

The team at TrainAir aim is to create a global training marketplace covering all industries and training sectors promoting skill sharing throughout Asian, Europe and the US.

Shannon Thompson-Parry & Dan D'Silva Tutors for Life

Tutors for Life is a tutoring agency focused on bridging the gap in educational inequality with an emphasis on SEND students by ensuring high-quality education using a rigorous tutor selection process and by building strong relationships with our students and their families; implementing a variety of payment plans to aid accessibility while also educating parents and students alike on how to access free learning resources in addition to avoiding payment scams currently rampant in the industry.

Shannon and Dan are committed to work with schools, councils and governing bodies to provide accessible and high-quality education to help combat the inequality found within the educational system.

#ScaleUP Category Finalists

Fiona Surrey Fiona Surrey Marketing

Fiona Surrey Marketing is concerned with helping you navigate marketing in the digital age. The company helps you to not only create a digital presence but also run successful marketing campaigns to boost conversion. I aim to help your business grow and expand digitally. Flying high with a world class mindset, Fiona Surrey Marketing creates core values that brings clients branding and digital campaigns to life, taking that leap into a world of dynamic change. Working in partnership with her clients, Fiona steps into both our clients and customers shoes, walking that journey together.

Set up originally to help businesses with their marketing campaigns to help boost sales, Fiona has created a purpose over profit business to change the dynamics of how we work supporting our educational and charity sectors and sustainable ethical businesses.

Jon Waite Advertise1

Advertise1 focuses on empowering independent businesses and sole traders with managing their current online advertising and digital marketing through offering current and potential clients a product in the form of website builds, help with setting up social media pages, photography and design, a service e.g. email/web hosting, social media management and Google advertising (including Search Engine Optimisation) and/or technical support in the form of training about self-managing websites, social media and/or any third party software.

With clients throughout the UK and Spain, Jon is wanting to firmly showcase his impact within the North East region.

Steven Walker Ogre Studio

OGRE Studio is a brand and design practice leveraging creative bravery, big thinking and brand strategy for social and commercial change. Renowned for their bold, stand-out work that challenges and champions the value of people, society and the planet, Ogre Studios works across the North East.

Rob Bedford Juiced

Juiced is a graphic design agency that specialises in brand development, merchandising and illustration. Juiced is all about adding your brand to your business, for your people. Juiced's projects don't just end with the client as they aim to create stunning and interesting branding designs that reflect the clients business whilst being innovative and relevant.

Rob and eh team at Juiced don't just want to be a design agency - they aim to be the go-to creative establishment in the North East.

Greg Short FYTO

Fyto was created to enable small-scale and hyper-local hydroponic vertical farming. Hydroponic vertical farming exists today in huge warehouses which require a lot of capital input, running costs and still require long distance distribution models. Rather than shipping food nationally and globally, Fyto strongly believe that food should be grown and distributed as locally as possible as the technology now exists to do so, hence drastically reduce carbon emissions from food miles, cut down food and plastic waste by working closely with our customers and providing a local source of fresh, affordable, tasty and nutritious food to all.

Jasmine Spokes & Matthew Dunn Seaton Sluice Surf

Seaton Sluice Surf is a surf school that teaches people of all ages and all abilities how to surf. Aged 6 to 96 and from beginner to instructor level, there is something for everyone at Seaton Sluice Surf where the team are passionate about facilitating the introduction and continuous involvement of surfing into people's lives in a supportive way, encouraging more people have access to the therapeutic benefits of surfing and being in the water.

Jasmine and Matthew have a vision to offer adaptive surfing, holistic surf coaching and establishing a CIC to make it accessible for all so that a lack of money doesn't stop people feeling the benefits of surfing.

Reece Hanlon Dash Media

Dash Media design and develop unique websites, form eye catching brands and generate highly effective marketing for hundreds of clients throughout the UK and beyond.

Dash Media provide a bespoke, client by client service, selling fully bespoke websites that are built from the ground up, supplying every client with their own dedicated project manager, designer and developer, a full and tailored CRO service to clients who wish to ensure their site is converting fully, including ongoing monitoring website use and using the information to make changes to layout, design, and functionality in order to increase the conversion of users to customers and a dedicated hosting service providing in-house marketing and social media packages allowing us to provide full marketing and support long after a website has gone live.

Reece and the team are committed to expanding their services within the small business, charities and education industry, providing free or discounted websites and marketing services and platforms and portals for educational purposes and courses providers.

Kayleigh Taylor Klee's Kitchen

Klee's Kitchen provides the North East with healthy , calorie controlled prepped meals designed for those who lead busy lives and want clean tasty food readily available at their convenience for a good price. Meals are delivered direct to your door twice per week and Klee's Kitchen cater to all diet types including vegan and vegetarian. Every meal is labelled with all macros, making it easy to track everything going into your body on a daily basis - without thinking too much.

Kayleigh is determined to enable people in the North East to spend less time in the kitchen , and more time doing the things they love.

James Cobbledick Bind CRM

Bind CRM is an affordable client relationship management software that aims to bring what would typically be 4-5 different subscriptions into one, affordable, place for small businesses - to save them time and money. Features of the software range from social media marketing and email/sms marketing tools to invoicing and customer profiles making it a one-stop place to keep your business operations clear and together. Affordable and bespoke integrations can be created to suit every business need.

James from Bind CRM is dedicated to take Bind CRM success in the UK to the American and European markets whilst expanding his range of product features to remain innovative and response to customer changing needs.

Alisha Tannahill Stitches and Sparkles

Stitches and Sparkles sells personalised children’s clothing and accessories, specialising in embroidery and print to create a range of unique designs including those featuring a child’s name.

Alisha is dedicated to expand her existing business to enable a more sustainable business which celebrates and utilises the creative talent in the North East fashion industry.

Nathan Marr Semester Student Planner

Semester Student planner creates change for students through providing them with the tools to proactively work on their wellbeing and personal growth.

Nathan and Joe are committed to make Semester Student Planner the leading student wellbeing brand within the UK, supporting over 20,000 students and providing positive change within the education space.

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