Early Stage Founders

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Workshops and training

Pitching, networking, market research, values and motivations ... early stage founders need to develop people skills to win the hearts and minds of customers, investors and employees. From standalone workshops as part of larger programme to a formal level 1 course in 'Understanding Enterprise'.

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Community networking events

FIRST firmly believes that "Almost every success you have in life and business is because the right person is in your network". Early stage founders need to be connected into their local business ecosystem so they can meet clients, collaborators, mentors and peers. 

If you're looking to run a networking event, from conferences to casual meet ups, FIRST can plan, deliver and evaluate your activities to ensure maximum impact for early stage founders and wider business community.

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Pitching competitions

Black tie awards, community SOUP events or pitching sessions at large conferences, we can ensure audience participation, energy and fun with a unique twist on traditional 'Dragons Den' panels. Designed to provide maximum exposure for early stage founders these events are life changing for skills and business development. 

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Bespoke actvities

Based on your themes, desired outcomes and funding requirements we can add value to your current programmes or develop new ideas in partnership. 

When you work with FIRST you get the full team's expertise, delivery and commitment to quality for early stage founders and and you as our clients

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FIRST in action

Check out Startup Awards North East for our latest work with early stage founders

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