Learning Skills Officer

Job Type: Full-time, Permanent, 35 hours per week Salary: £25,000.00-£27,318.00 per year

Looking to be part of a fun and engaging team? We're seeking an interactive and motivated learning skills facilitator to join our learning delivery team.

Closing date for applications 8th April, please send your CV and a cover letter outlining your suitability for the role to masud@youarefirst.co.uk and complete our application form here: https://wkf.ms/45mSi89


FIRST is a pioneering learning and development agency, empowering enterprise skills and entrepreneurship in collaboration with government, employers, education, and community organisations. Our accredited courses, workshops, consultancy, and events inspire courage, self-belief, and motivation, giving learners equitable opportunities to progress into meaningful education, decent work, or resilient self-employment.

Specifically working with underrepresented groups, our work facilitates inclusive economic growth by challenging the status quo and improving the quality of entry-level teaching and learning within enterprise skills and entrepreneurship.

We have contributed millions in social return on investment for the North East economy and improved the quality of life for thousands of learners in some of the UK's most under-resourced communities.

Based in central Gateshead, UK, the team is made up of 9 employees with a non-executive director board to support and maintain quality during this exciting period of growth.

Our Culture:

The FIRST team takes pride in our fun, supportive and innovative approach to project design, delivery, and evaluation. As team players, we are positive and professional creative thinkers with the shared desire to do the right thing and produce meaningful project outcomes for learners, clients, and our wider society.


Full-Time, 35 hours per week

Salary Band: £25,000 – £27,318 (depending on experience)

Position in the Organisation:

Reports directly to the Learning and Development manager with overall responsibility for the delivery of all training programmes and workshops.


  • We offer a vibrant, inclusive, and diverse workplace, opportunities for professional development and career progression, and a competitive salary.
  • A day off when your birthday falls on a weekday!
  • Extended holidays after 2 years of service.

Main Responsibilities:

1. Design and Deliver Training Programmes and Workshops:

  • Develop and deliver accredited courses and workshops on enterprise skills.
  • Implement innovative and interactive delivery methods gained through experience in adult learning environments or through working within a Training Provider.
  • Facilitate practical sessions developing confidence, self-belief, and motivation, drawing on a background in adult education.

2. Mentorship and Guidance

  • Provided personalised one-to-one and group support to ensure learning is retained and can be applied.
  • Guide learners through the completion of activities to ensure learning outcomes are met for both accredited learning and non-accredited workshops.

3. Resource Connection

  • Assist learning in connecting with relevant support agencies, such as business support or employability support by utilising previous networks and insights from former employment.

4. Evaluation, Improvement, and Quality Assurance:

  • Conduct regular, interim assessment to gauge learner understanding and tailor delivery to respond to this assessment.
  • Implement continuous improvement strategies based on assessment outcomes, applying knowledge from working within training provider and within adult educational frameworks.
  • Uphold high-quality standards required by Ofsted, actively contributing to quality assurance processes, rooted in experience within adult/further education.

5. Assessment:

  • Develop and administer effective assessment to measure participant progress and to IQA other staff members assessment.
  • Provide constructive and developmental feedback to learners, ensuring alignment with learning outcomes.
  • Utilise various assessment methods to capture diverse learning styles, adapting techniques to fit learner needs.

6. Collaboration:

  • Collaborate with the wider FIRST team to align assessment and delivery strategies with organisations-wide goals, bringing in perspectives from adult learning and training provider expertise.
  • Actively participate in team meetings and contribute insights for programme development and improvement.

Qualifications and Experiences:


1. Teaching qualification of Level 4 or above ( Level 4 is the minimum)

2. Assessors’ qualification and experience of assessment (can include working towards formal qualification)

3. Prior experience working with OFSTED and familiarity with its standards and expectations.

4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, conveying complex concepts clearly, creatively, and accessibly.

5. Passion for supporting the success of others.

6. Experience working with diverse groups, creating an inclusive and respectful learning environment.

7. Ability to adjust training methods to suit individual or group needs.

8. Willingness to travel within the local area for community outreach and training sessions.

9. Flexibility to work during both the day and evenings.

10. Previous experience working with 19+ learners within adult education or as part of a training provider.


1. Assessing post-19 vocational learner work.

2. Level 2 qualification in IAG (or be prepared to work towards).

3. Experience and qualifications working with learners where English is an additional language and learners with SEND needs.

4. Confidence in working as part of a team and independently.

5. Experience of running own business and/or a passion for enterprise and entrepreneurship.

6. Ability to manage and prioritise own workload.

7. Ability to meet set deadline in line with company timeframes.

If you’re interested in this amazing opportunity with FIRST, please send your CV and a cover letter outlining your suitability for the role to masud@youarefirst.co.uk and complete our application form here: https://wkf.ms/45mSi89

We are committed to an inclusive and diverse workplace, valuing individuals from all backgrounds, including different ethnicities, genders, and abilities. In line with UK law, we encourage applications from a wide range of candidates. Our commitment extends beyond compliance, through initiatives like diversity training and supportive work culture. If you're passionate about contributing to a diverse team, we'd love to hear from you.

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