Self Awareness and Self Efficacy

"Believe you can and you're half way there" - Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States of America

You Are FIRST … this isn't just our domain name but it is our ethos and runs throughout all of the projects and activities we create. We want to empower people to build their confidence and self efficacy in line with our framework Entrecomp.

If what Teddy says is true and believing you can takes you half way there, then perhaps knowing what you can't do will take you the rest of the way?

There may be a fine line between believing you can do anything and plain old arrogance, but having self awareness and understanding what are your strengths, what you love doing and areas which you may need support can make a HUGE difference. 

But how do you gain that support? Building networks and sharing information to signpost people to key resources is vital and that is why we believe we're the FIRST step. 

We can't do that without you though, and we want to be able to spread the word about your services too. If you have any opportunities which you would like us to share please completed this form.


75 aspiring early stage founders

had belief in themselves and their business ideas to apply for Startup Awards North East 2021 with the awards culminating in 3 high impact virtual events on 15th-17th June . The calibre of applicants was extremely high, with the live public vote resulting in joint winners across the 3 categories; SkillUP, StartUP and ScaleUP.
The lucky winners of Social Impact Award were WhozamyVivid FuturesTailored LeisureChestnut Natural Capital, and Greenology. With the High Growth Awards going to Displai, Impossibrew, Ogel and VRAI.

To watch the events, visit our YouTube channel and if you'd like to be involved next year as a partner then speak to one of the team today by filling out our contact form.

Having more self awareness and belief in yourself, isn't just a valuable trait for ambitious startups. Mark took early retirement from Newcastle City Council and wanted to explore ideas and opportunities through Understanding Enterprise qualification. The course helped him to build a stronger sense of self worth and understanding what his core skills were to be able to play to those strengths. 

Events, news, and opportunities from the North East ecosystem:

To grow a startup from nothing to £5m sales in five years is a tough challenge. 

Peter Arnold author of "Innovation of a Nation: What 1500 top high growth start-ups tell us about innovation in our nation" provides insights, themes, trends, examples and exercises so you can put this into practice in your own business. Take a sneak peak here and if you would like to delve in and receive your own copy of the book to gain invaluable information to take your business to the next level click here

The real G&Tea: How early legal advice can help your business grow

With a unique range of alcoholic tea drinks, NOVELTEA  has seen significant growth since its launch in 2016. And in December 2020, supported by the team at Muckle LLP, they secured their biggest investment to date - £1.4 million from the North East Venture Fund to expand the business.

NOVELTEA co-founder Vincent Efferoth explained; “Legal advice is critical for any growing business. Muckle is a truly supportive legal partner that understands our vision, knows how to help us achieve our goals and their continued advice has played a crucial part in helping us continue to realise our growth plans.”
You can read the full article here or to find out more about Muckle's specific packages for startups and growing businesses with 1 fixed price and piece of mind to help your business grow contact Jenny Wade on 0191 211 7976 or email

Startup Grind is the world’s largest community of startups, founders, innovators, and creators.

Founded in 2010 when Derek Andersen and a few other entrepreneurs working in the same office space got together to talk about the challenges, struggles, and excitements of launching a startup. This quickly became a monthly tradition that soon began to grow in attendance. What began as an informal meeting with a group of friends quickly became something much greater when they began to invite successful founders to share their knowledge and experience. 

Startup Grind is a community of 5 million like-minded yet diverse individuals world wide.  Together they connect, learn, teach, help, build, and belong. Including daily activities through our local events, flagship conferences, startup program, and online media + content to help founders, entrepreneurs and startups succeed by making their startup journey less lonely, more connected and more memorable.

For full details head to  

Hand picked events for August

We are thrilled to share that PNE Social Impact Award Partners are running a free online event with expert business advisors provide advice on how to run a business that looks after people and the planet, without sacrificing profit!

Startup Smart: Running a socially responsible business
Wednesday 18th August 12:30pm

Following 'freedom day' we want to share with you some hand picked events where you can get out and about, enjoy the sunshine and meet people...yes...real people! Face to face events are back with a bang!

DBN Wag & walk meeting  Derwent Reservoir 20th August 9:30am-11am

White Digital Networking: Bar 52 South Shields 5th August 1pm - 3pm

Mussel Club - face to face networking at Revolution Newcastle 6th August 9am-11am

Want to be more self aware?


Routed firmly as an 1000 year old Japanese ideology, Ikigai translates to life "iki" and "gai" value/worth.

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