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“I loved the networking part of the programme and the range of funding options that were explained about that I didn't know existed” 

The awards have been designed for early stage founders by successful entrepreneurs from across the region. This isn't just about the winners, once you sign up, you will be spring boarded into the business ecosystem where the team at FIRST will sign post your to meaningful opportunities available to help you on your startup journey. 

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Application checklist

  1. Read all the Startup Awards North East Terms and Conditions.
  2. Reviewed the Judging Criteria for Social Impact Award AND High Growth Award. All applicants are judged on both criteria and have the opportunity to win either of these awards.
  3. Reviewed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and selected ONE which aligns most with you/your company values and goals.
  4. Checked the tips on how to make a killer applications pitch .
  5. Ensured you know how to create your application video on YouTube.
  6. Setup a Gmail account to upload your files to the form. If not, find out how to set up a Gmail Account here.
  7. SAVED your photos, logos with your Full Name and Company Name BEFORE uploading to the form.
  8. Included a YouTube link to your pitch video which is NO MORE than 3 minutes long.

Download our application pack for all programme details and if you require additional support regarding your application please contact: 



Students, graduates, early stage founders and ‘intrapreneurs’....

You have not registered as a business but are curious about starting up, you may (or may not) have a business idea and are looking to develop your enterprise skills.



Early stage founders who have a North East registered business or sole trader. 

You have been established up to 4 years and have less than £15K turn over. You are looking for resources to take your business to the next stage.



Registered North East businesses and sole traders who have been established up to 4 years with a turnover of over £15k.

You may have or may be considering employees, premises new products and services and are looking to grow your business to the next level.


Make the magic happen Nominate now

Do you know someone with buckets of ambition, but they maybe lack a bit of self-belief? If they have a great idea or their business needs a boost, then your nomination can fill them with confidence and provide connections and resources to support a successful business journey.

Please complete the form below and they will receive an email to say they have been nominated and invite them to apply. Even just receiving an email for a nomination could be the validation and boost they need to continue their journey.


A bit stuck?

Contact the team here and we'd be happy to help.

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