Progression into management - Ellie's journey so far

In a short 18 months, Ellie has progressed into a management role with the support of her team and training. Hear first hand how an apprenticeship has provided a safe space for learning within a new role.

The past 18 months at FIRST has been nothing but a steep learning curve  to say the least. Working with a small team has meant I have learned so much more than my assigned job role and have had opportunities to learn new skills in different environments and scenarios.

If anyone would have said a year ago that I would have been promoted to a management position I wouldn’t have believed them. That’s why FIRST recognised that I needed help and support with this new venture. The apprenticeship they suggested to me –the Level 5 Operations and Departmental Apprenticeship at Newcastle University seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn how to become a successful manager for a high performing team. 

Despite my worries about balancing a full-time job with the apprenticeship, the knowledge that I have learned during the course has allowed me to feel more confident-from recruiting new members of staff to performance management. Having my first member of staff was always going to be a daunting prospect but the support I have had from FIRST and Newcastle University has meant that I have been able  to  find  a  balance  in  using  workplace  evidence  to  demonstrate  my  understanding  of what I  am being taught. Having a mixture of taught sessions once a month and on the job training,has helped me implement what I have learnt into my everyday work life. 

With just over 18 months to go on my apprenticeship,I am very excited to see where I will be,and what type of manager I have become. For anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship,whether that’s your first step into full-time employment, or whether you have been promoted and suffering from slight imposters syndrome,an apprenticeship will give you all the skills and knowledge you will need to excel in your job role and give you the confidence to see that you are great at what you do. 

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