In August 2020 FIRST conducted research with 55 North East employers to see if they valued enterprise skills when recruiting entry level staff. Here are the results!

1. Top 3 essential enterprise skills that employers valued were:

  • Motivation and perseverance - 76%
  • Learning through experience - 51%
  • Self-awareness – 50%

2. 95% agreed that enterprise skills were important when entering the jobs market

3. The most effective way to get a job:

  • Networking with an employer (face to face or online) – 63%
  • Responding to job adverts on job sites such as – 26%
  • Employability courses – 10%
  • Recruitment agencies – 6%
  • Jobcentre Plus – 0%

4. 79% of employers said that if someone had an enterprise experience on their CV, they would be more likely to invite them to interview.

Once in the job:

1. 96% wanted their employees to know how to access help and support in business

2. 98% wanted their employees to understand the opportunities and risks in business

3. 98% said that developing enterprise skills were essential for personal development

What's next?

The FIRST team are in the process of writing the detailed report to showcase the findings. We also have a range of programmes to develop enterprise skills for your people! To see more of what we do, check out our projects page

Want to know what we define as enterprise skills? Click here

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