Enterprise skills: The EntreComp Framework


98% of employers agree that enterprise skills are vital for personal development, expanding upon knowledge as well as supporting the local economy. Here at FIRST we want to make sure we have a maximum impact based on good research and hard evidence.

That is why we use the Entrecomp framework to aid in the development of all of our workshop materials, focusing on key entrepreneurial skills such as vision, creativity, motivation and perseverance, and coping with ambiguity, uncertainty and risk. 

The European Commission developed EntreComp: the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework as a tool to help individuals, teams and organisations develop an entrepreneurial mindset. 

This ensures we are all prepared for a rapidly changing society where it is essential that everyone has the capacity to act upon opportunities and ideas, to work with others, to manage dynamic careers and shape the future for the common good. 

The EntreComp Framework can be broken down into three distinct inter-related competence areas: Ideas and Opportunities, Resources and Into Action.

Each area is comprised of five different competencies which together create the fifteen competencies that allow individuals to discover and act upon opportunities and ideas, help to develop and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset, and to encourage lifelong learning.

There is no single core competence in EntreComp and they are all of equal importance. To find out more about each individual competency please follow the links below.




And if you'd like to find out more about how we use Entrecomp in the development of our workshops then please fill out our contact form.

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