Here at FIRST we use the EntreComp Framework to help in the design and delivery of all of our materials, as well as driving everything that we do.

The framework can be broken down into three interconnected, yet distinct competence areas: Ideas and Opportunities, Resources and Into Action

These areas are then comprised of five entrepreneurial competencies which together create the fifteen competencies that help individuals, teams and organisations develop an entrepreneurial mindset and to spot ideas and opportunities, and to create value for others.

Keep reading to find out about the five competencies that sit within the area of Ideas and Opportunities.

Learning how to identify and seize opportunities to create value, establishing new connections and creating new opportunities for others.

Being innovative, developing new and exciting ideas to create value as well as finding better solutions to existing challenges.

Imagining the future, creating a vision to turn ideas into action and visualising future scenarios to help guide effort and action.

Valuing ideas and recognising the potential an idea has for creating value and identifying how to make the most out of it. Judging what value truly is.

Acting responsibly. Understanding the consequences of ideas that bring value and the effect entrepreneurial action has on a community, the market, society and the environment.

If you'd like to find out more about how we use Entrecomp in the development of our workshops then please get in touch below.

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