Creativity and Vision

“Creativity is simply connecting new dots in new ways” – Sam Horn – The Intrigue Expert & TedX speaker

Entrepreneurs are known for thinking outside the box, finding solutions to problems, brainstorming new ideas and having the confidence to put them into action. They use their curiosity and passion to help people in creative ways whilst pushing themselves outside their comfort zone.

On a local level Mandy Barker, the founder of Sail has produced a platform for artists to share their thoughts and feelings through the pandemic. Creative Waves aims to “document the surrealness and build a community within it”.

Launching peer-group support initiatives is not the only thing North East creatives have done to help people recently. Ruth Jacobs, If We Can You Can finalist and the founder of Jacwicks, makers of problem-solving solutions for walkers, have swapped outdoorsy products for PPE manufacture with Rachel Burn, founder of CATCALL clothing pausing production to return to work at the NHS with her radiography skills.

Taking ideas and doing something with them takes vision, as well as a clear strategy or goal, while utilising your support network to bounce off ideas and share information – there is so much in the North East including our “FIRST” online event on 11/06/2020 which aims to support you to make new connections as well as develop impact and growth plans.

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