Motivation & Perseverance

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” – Thomas A. Edison.

Never giving up and being persistent until you get your ‘yes’ can be challenging. We know at FIRST that staying motivated can be tough, especially when you are working from home…so we did something about it!

Charlotte our MD reached out to inspirational speaker and entrepreneur, Dayna Steele, on LinkedIn thanking her for her content on ‘harnessing the power of networking’. As a result, Dayna provided international energy and expertise at FIRST and NEL Fund Manager’s Business Goal’s event in June. Dayna advised event guests to revisit dormant LinkedIn connections every day and take advantage of the online world proclaiming to “just do it! Do not think, just do!”.  Dayna wrote about her experience with the North East as a guest blogger on Microsoft 365 and shares daily tips on her LinkedIn to help people in business across the globe.

Closer to home we recently heard from the founder of AIM athleisure, Amy Fettis, who shared that she was glad she did not give up after a series of setbacks encountered by her fledgling leisure-wear business. She has celebrated her perseverance with the launch of a 4-week programme in collaboration with Demi Johnson, (founder of Get Stuff Made) to help other entrepreneurs starting out in her sector.

In other news, Andrew Turner, a North East inventor, who has also carried on, carrying on since the age of seven to find innovative and practical solutions to problems is now leading the path of health innovation. Quality Hospital Solutions, a collaborative venture alongside City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust, a design agency, and a manufacturing company works closely with industry professionals to understand the health-sector’s needs. Andrew was featured in the North East Times Magazine for inventing from the heart with ideas on how he can save the NHS £250 million a year with his SamplePod product.

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