NEL Fund Managers in Partnership with Startup Awards North East

NEL Fund Managers has been investing for positive impact end economic development in the North East of England for over 30 years.

In order to maintain our determined momentum of seeking out and investing in thriving local businesses for years to come, we recognise that there is work to be done in inspiring and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs - those that in years to come could be leading some of the region’s top employers and economic contributors.

This year more than ever, we applaud those with the drive and ambition to establish new businesses and drive them forward. It’s what the local economy needs, and we’re delighted to be able to support this movement by partnering with the Start-up Awards North East for 2021.

NEL has worked with the FIRST team behind Startup Awards North East before with what was the If We Can You Can Challenge. The partnership was a huge success due to our shared passion and unique blend of expertise which we have been able to share with the businesses engaged in the previous programme.

We’re very optimistic about 2021 and believe that the Startup Awards North East will play a pivotal role in ensuring our regions young businesses have the skills and connections they need to prosper. We’re delighted to be working with the Startup Awards North East team again and very much look forward to working with an exciting new group of entrepreneurs in supporting their growth ambitions.

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NEL Fund Managers

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