Taking the initiative

“A lot of people never use their initiative because no-one told them to.”
― Banksy, Wall and Piece

Like with all new skills, initiative and tackling a challenge need to be shown to us by like-minded people, mentors, or idols. The last few weeks have been full of successful examples of local founders taking the initiative, achieving their ambitions, and sharing how they did it.

Skilling up, learning how to take the initiative and effecting change in a positive way can be a lonely journey. Which is why FIRST bridge partnerships with organisations like NEL Fund Managers to support entrepreneurs throughout their journey. We have our next community support event planned for 29th October, with tickets still available.

Another organisation, supporting local business owners is Virgin Startup, who hosted an interview with Simon Sinek last week. For those unfamiliar with the speaker’s impressive repertoire he found fame with one of the most watched Ted Talks of all time and his number 1 bestseller “Start with Why”. Our MD (took the initiative!) to sign up to the event and has typed up her notes - for those looking to kickstart those new ideas we’d recommend a read!

Taking the initiative and ‘just doing it’, is just one of the entrepreneurial skills identified as part of developing a successful mindset. It is this that has seen 13 North East businesses come together to build on the North East’s relationship with South Africa to explore the country’s export opportunities.

Closer to home we have been delighted to see Adam Crampsie, Managing Director of Bloom, drive the Gateshead company from strength to strength despite the pandemic. Bloom are now a trusted partner to more than 370 public sector organisations, including 49% of UK councils. The past year has seen the business generate more than £28 million in social value activity, with more than £2.6 million given back to the public sector for local job creation and support to community-based projects.

We also want to share a huge FIRST congratulations to the North East founder of SRS Recruitment & Employability Experts, Sophie Milliken, who has been named Great British Entrepreneur of the Year for the North East, at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards - proof of what happens if you just go for it!

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