2021-22: A year of Impact, accreditations and awards for FIRST

In September 2021 we set out our stall to consolidate our services with a key emphasis on data, quality and what makes FIRST, FIRST.

As a result of a strong set of strategic objectives and KPIs, a CRM that can manage our data effectively and a committed team, we are now the proud owners of an Impact Report, global accreditation and the regional winners for the Barclays Entrepreneur Social Award.

What we've learnt from the experience:

  • As much as we wanted them to, the achievements did not happen over night, it took the team months and months of hard work and focus to start seeing results.
  • We have specialisms but as a whole we are greater than the sum of our parts.
  • External validation of what, how and why we do what we do is vital to company growth.
  • Clients, partner and learner needs are vital to strategic direction.
  • A team that share the same ambition, drive and passion are vital for job satisfaction.

2022-2023 sees exciting plans to develop our strategic boards and expand our services into new locations as FIRST's vision and mission could never be more relevant in today's VUCA environment

To request a copy of our latest impact report, email hello@youarefirst.co.uk 

the year in numbers

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