Hear from our learners!

Once completing the short courses, learners develop their skills and confidence to start a business, apply for skilled employment or access further/higher education.

Below are some examples from our 2020/21 cohort:

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headshot of Lesley Calvert

“I joined the Understanding Enterprise Level 1 course because I had lots to say and energy to express, the ‘how’ was lacking. My confidence and self –belief at times held me back, I kept myself stuck. Having joined the course it really gave me a safe environment to build myself belief and confidence in that I can make a start."

Lesley Calvert

headshot of Amy Lou Clunes

"I feel I have connected well with the whole FIRST team, especially Sam Clegg who was amazing through the whole course and helped all the group with any questions, even out of hours, felt like he really was always there to help! I also connected with the most amazing group of like minded people and felt so uplifted and supported by a group of people I’ve never even met, it’s been an amazing experience."

Amy Lou Clunes

headshot of Amelia Gray

"I felt very lost and unsure where to go next so I wanted some clarity and help with my business ideas and/or desire to find a job that I would love. I also enjoy learning so I wanted to enhance my business and enterprise knowledge and skills. Lastly. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and do a task (weekly zoom meetings) that would help me to fight against my anxiety."

Amelia Gray

headshot of Lee Peacock

"Working as a freelancer, especially during lockdown, made me realise how much I love office/studio culture. I love having a group of peers that I can use as a sounding board to bounce ideas off and I wanted to use this opportunity as a way of meeting like-minded entrepreneurs."

Lee Peacock

headshot of Jasmine Inaiyah

"I signed up for the Understanding Enterprise Level 1 Course for the qualification and to see if I learn anything new. Also, to have a chance to find other like minded people."

Jasmine Inaiyah
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