Autumn Creativity

Welcome to the autumn edition of TALK

FIRST Thoughts....

Creativity can take many forms. Language, style, when facing a challenging FIRST we believe everybody in the right environment can be creative. In fact 72% have our most creative thoughts in the shower!

To be truly creative our workplaces must have the right culture - a safe space to share ideas, perspectives and experiences. This can be challenging in a busy, distracted or stressed workplace that doesn't recognise the value of developing enterprise skills.

As part of FIRST's courses and learning we explore purpose through the Ikigai model by combining what we are passionate about/good at and what the world needs, this is when creativity can flourish.

Creativity can also be reinvigorated by hearing fresh perspectives, entering new spaces and engaging with role models... which we have in bucket loads for early stage founders on the 22nd & 23rd of November 2022.

Scroll down for more opportunities, news and events and we hope to see you and your creative mind soon :)

FIRST Some News.....

22-23/11/2022 - Destination: Growth 


In partnership with Newcastle City Council and part funded by the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 programme, FIRST are delighted to announce a 2 day immersive bus journey, series of workshops and a networking event to explore:


1. Who/why/what is strategic networking?


2. What opportunities are available to North East Startups


3. Who else is running a business to learn from?

4. Which awards to apply to and are they worth it?

Bus stop includes a tour of Hoults Yard with Charlie Hoult and a Art Deco and creative deep dive with Alex Breeze at the John Marley Centre. Workshops facilitated by the award winning team at Moja plus some of FIRST's finest associates.

For ticket eligibility and further information on what the two days hold, click here.

Making an Impact:

This Summer the FIRST team got their heads down and worked on a 2021-2022 Impact Report to showcase the work we have been doing with early stage founders, job seekers, students and graduates. A proud moment, which led to recognition by Barclays - FIRST is now the North East's Social Award Winner! The team are delighted and now have the chance to be in the final to win the National and 'People's Choice' award.

If you think FIRST is a worthy winner (thank you!), there are still 2 days left to vote, details here.

Information, advice and guidance at FIRST 

FIRST is now the proud owner of the Matrix Standard for Information, Advice and Guidance in recognition for our work with learners, the staff team and project partners.

What is the Matrix Standard?

Issued by the Department of Education, the framework is used to assess an organisation’s competency in the field of Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG). To read our blog and what it means for our stakeholders, visit here

Events, news, and ideas from the North East ecosystem:

The Power of Human Connection: Blog 

Di Gates is all about connecting better with humans, and the Sphere Network is all about connecting humans with ideas that are making a difference. In September, Di was invited to share her research at a Sphere Network event, you can read the blog here.

Tools and advice from UMi:

Whether you're just starting out or well on your way, the UMi Sat Nav has the tools and resources to diagnose a range of financial, digital, and business-related issues.

Access 100s of guides, templates, and articles to help you take action.

Register here:

Gender and Entrepreneurship North East:

Join the conversation on the themes of collaboration, inclusion and policy in women's entrepreneurship at #GENE2022.

Taking place during Global Entrepreneurship Week, the event is focused on creating enabling environments for women’s entrepreneurship through hearing stories from a range of voices and reflecting on what this means in our own regional context.

The event is organised by @Gender and Entrepreneurship North East and hosted by Newcastle University Business School on 16 November.

Register for your free place here
#gender #entrepreneurship #EDI #womeninbusiness

Design as a Driver of Change

Northern Design Centre, Gateshead, NE8 3DF. 
Friday 14th October, 2022 | 09:30 - 12:30

Design can be about the little things, like fonts, buttons and widgets. But it can also be about tackling the really big issues - climate change, global food shortages, ocean plastic. And all designers love to be changing the world in some way.

Tickets and further information here

Prepare me to be inspiring on stage

Tuspark, Eagle Labs - NE1 5JE
Wednesday 5th October
09:00 - 14:00

The team at Inspired HR Group, Barclays Eagle labs & Floe have joined forces to run a workshop that will get you on stage with confidence and impacting your audience.

Ever been to a pitching or public speaking workshop and not had the key takeaways to get yourself on stage? Want to attend a workshop with a difference? Want to tell a story the best way possible? Are you ready to start the next stage in your career? For tickets and further info, visit here.

Bright Ideas Gathering

Redhills: Durham Miners Hall - DH1 4BE
Sunday 2nd October
10:30 - 17:30

The Bright Ideas Gathering is the exciting new event based in Durham city centre. Imagine taking the deep insights of a profound lecture and combining it with electricity of great theatre. At the Bright Ideas Gathering we elevate the traditional conference into a learning experience that will move and inspire all who participate.

For tickets and further info, visit here.

FIRST choice for upcoming events 

To boost creativity, take a look at these awesome opportunities, curated by the FIRST team:

  • 04/10/2022: 18:00 - The Marketing Meetup - TICKETS
  • 06/10/2022: 09:00 - Rural Catalyst Conference 2022 - TICKETS
  • 14/10/2022: 09:30 - The 2020 Club - TICKETS
  • 20/10/2022 08:00 - NE1 LTD Business Breakfast - TICKETS
  • 20/10/2022 09:30 - EXPO for good- TICKETS
  • 20/10/2022 18:30 - Open North Foundation Business Networking Event - TICKETS
  • 25/10/2022 13:00 - PNE & Natwest Lunch and Learn Business, Managing Unexpected Growth: TICKETS
  • 01/11/2022: 18:00 - Ignite North East Tech Social - TICKETS

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