Jack's 6 months with FIRST

From feeling lost and without a goal, to discovering new skills and learning experiences, Jack's journey at FIRST reminds us all of how the right work place can ignite potential and emphasises the transformative power of a supportive work environment and mentorship.

Six Months with FIRST –

Where do I even start? 

So much has happened in such short a time, and I have enjoyed every
moment of it. Just like yesterday I was walking through the office doors for the first time, new job, new team, a totally new world. Yet, it feels as if I have been with FIRST for the best part of a decade and I couldn’t be happier.

Before joining the FIRST team I was feeling lost. 

I was floating through life without a purpose, without a goal; it was almost as if I felt soulless and if someone had told me it would only take six months to find, start and have almost finished an apprenticeship, in a job role that I not only love but also surrounded by the most supportive of teams who I would adore…Well, I would have laughed them out of the room.

But, I found an apprenticeship, started in January and now, I am at 93% completion. 

I don’t just love my job and adore the team I work with, I actually don’t have
the words to express how over the moon I am being Learner Support or how amazing every FIRST team member is. I will continue to put the effort into my work to show them what FIRST and they mean to me. For without them I would still be drifting.

Jack Havver the Apprentice

I now have a goal - 

I know exactly where I want to be in the next five years and with FIRST, I know
I can make that goal a reality. Being support has always been in my blood. Never in the spotlight, but forever in the wings so to say. Helping others has always made me feel good, not praise or accolades, just knowing that the learners
under my care are happy and that makes my day.

But, this could never have happened without the backing and support of the FIRST Team themselves. 

With their help, I have realised and discovered skills within me that would have otherwise been passed over and forgotten, and what a waste that could have been! These skills are now being turned to the good of myself, the learners, the team and for the good of FIRST as a whole. As the years go by, I expect to hone these skills to a fine point and learn much more, and become the best I can be.

It has also been amazing how many opportunities I have had to learn from and how I've grown in this time. 

I mean, I had my first OFSTED experience within the first two weeks of joining FIRST, hard to top that or so I thought. But, only last month (June), we had the Start-Up Awards North East and what an event that was! So many talented individuals with amazing ideas and businesses. The buzz was beyond electric, and yes, at times it was stressful, but it was an experience I would have been a fool to miss and not take part in.

I could continue to go on and on, but I’ll end things here with my last thoughts. 

Being able to reflect on the past six months has really brought together my happiness and appreciation for the work I do and the wonderful people I work with. There have been ups, downs, lefts and rights, and the next six months are seemingly going to be busier than the last, but I am ready to accept that challenge with open arms and a smile on my lips.

Here's to the next six months, and all the hard work it will bring.

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