Understanding Enterprise

SFEDI Level 1 Award in Understanding Enterprise

Are you looking to skill up and develop your career? Or thinking about starting your own business?

Sign up to Understanding Enterprise today to develop skills for life that will help you reach your goals. 

This fully funded course is free to anyone over 19 years old living in  Newcastle, North Tyneside, Northumberland, South Tyneside, Gateshead, Sunderland and Durham.


The Level 1 Award in Understanding Enterprise, is delivered by FIRST in partnership with Skills South Tyneside and North Of Tyne Combined Authority.

Whether you’re looking to gain employment, get a promotion, change career or startup and grow your own business, this course will develop your ideas and provide opportunities and resources to put your plans into action.

Throughout the programme, you will be supported, inspired and motivated to take positive action towards employment or self-employment.

What Can I Expect?

You will achieve a recognised qualification in Entrepreneurial skills. Based on the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp). These skills will help you recognise and make the most of opportunities and ideas to get you where you want to be. Find out more 

The course is delivered virtually and is open to everyone of all levels and abilities.

A personalised learning plan will be created for you and we will support any special requirements or additional needs you may have.

We offer tailored support with personal tutors, dedicated 1-2-1 time, drop ins and care calls.  

You can learn your way, with the option to complete the course as an intensive two day session or as bitesize classes; two hours, twice a week for three weeks.

The learning experience is based on interactive, tutor led sessions, and an opportunity to watch recordings to further support your independent learning.

You will complete a skill scan, which will identify the skills you want to develop, and you will build an online e-portfolio of evidence to gain your qualification. 


The Level 1 Award in Understanding Enterprise offers;

A Fun and innovative virtual learning making it easy to absorb the information and put your skills into practice with scenarios and real life situations.

A way to meet like-minded people, who may be in a similar situation, or have the same ambitions and goals.

The chance to gain hands on experience of speaking to businesses to strengthen your communication skills and build your confidence

The opportunity to develop meaningful business relationships with local employers in the sectors you’re interested in.

Expert advice from local entrepreneurs who will share secrets to their successes, and explain how they have overcome the same challenges you might be facing.


Whats next?

A progression support package which gives you access to:-

1 years FREE study membership to the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (RRP £175 per year!) which provides you with resources and information, access to funding and mentoring support.

Information on non-accredited work placements, to gain hands on experience and  put your skills into practice

Signposting to hotdesking facilities and access to equipment (Covid19 restrictions apply) giving you space away from home to think, work and collaborate

A 3 month skills audit to show you how much you have progressed and can provide information on other relevant free qualifications or services which may be of interest to you.

Regular updates on FIRST networking events, and business news from across the region by signing up to TALK and Get Started newsletter.

Our support doesn’t end when the course does. If you have any questions feel free to call us and if we can’t help you we will know someone who can, so will point you in the right direction for the relevant support or resources you may need

headshot of Lesley Calvert

“I joined the Understanding Enterprise Level 1 course because I had lots to say and energy to express, the ‘how’ was lacking. My confidence and self –belief at times held me back, I kept myself stuck. Having joined the course it really gave me a safe environment to build myself belief and confidence in that I can make a start."

Lesley Calvert

headshot of Amy Lou Clunes

"I feel I have connected well with the whole FIRST team, especially Sam Clegg who was amazing through the whole course and helped all the group with any questions, even out of hours, felt like he really was always there to help! I also connected with the most amazing group of like minded people and felt so uplifted and supported by a group of people I’ve never even met, it’s been an amazing experience."

Amy Lou Clunes

headshot of Amelia Gray

"I felt very lost and unsure where to go next so I wanted some clarity and help with my business ideas and/or desire to find a job that I would love. I also enjoy learning so I wanted to enhance my business and enterprise knowledge and skills. Lastly. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and do a task (weekly zoom meetings) that would help me to fight against my anxiety."

Amelia Gray

headshot of Lee Peacock

"Working as a freelancer, especially during lockdown, made me realise how much I love office/studio culture. I love having a group of peers that I can use as a sounding board to bounce ideas off and I wanted to use this opportunity as a way of meeting like-minded entrepreneurs."

Lee Peacock

headshot of Rachael Spiers

"I wanted to gain new skills and understanding of how to start and maintain a small business. I had just launched an online platform but wanted to gain more insight into the tools I need to continue to make it a success."

Rachael Spiers
Scottish Rach Draws

headshot of Jasmine Inaiyah

"I signed up for the Understanding Enterprise Level 1 Course for the qualification and to see if I learn anything new. Also, to have a chance to find other like minded people."

Jasmine Inaiyah
Making Changes NE

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