Top 5 Tips to make a positive change

Top 5 Tips to make a positive change


We spend the majority of our time at work, but for some people being in a working environment that isn’t quite right can lead to increased worry, that may even turn into anxiety. 

This year has been hard for everyone, but for those working in industries hit hard by the pandemic, facing the new reality of job insecurity has been doubly difficult. 

Even for those in secure employment, the never ending juggle of work and family life has become even more apparent, leaving them feeling stressed and unable to cope. 

For some people who have been feeling undervalued or underappreciated  at work for a long time, extended periods of lockdown and fewer opportunities to talk with family and friends have left them feeling frustrated and ready for a change.

If you feel like your current employment situation is getting you down, here are our top five tips for making a positive change. 

Number 1 Identify the problem

If something hasn’t felt right for a while, try and put your finger on what's actually making you unhappy in your current situation. That way you can look for a solution that really addresses the problem, and doesn't just transfer the issue  to another scenario.  

Number 2 Look for Opportunities

If you’ve been stuck in a rut, spotting opportunities can be challenging but you might be surprised how much help and support is out there. Find out what's available in your area, think about the kind of industries you're interested in and look for roles where you could add value or if there’s someone whose role or business you find interesting, why not ask them for a virtual coffee to find out a little bit more?  

Number 3 Evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses

It’s easy to fall into a job that doesn't actually make the most of your individual skill set. Spend some time thinking about your experience and interests to really identify your strengths, this will give you more self confidence and motivate you to make the most of them. 

Number 4 Set your goals

It’s good to have ambitious goals, but making huge changes can feel daunting. Setting achievable short, medium and long terms goals helps you stay motivated.

Number 5 Take positive action

Taking the first step is hard, but taking positive action towards your goals helps build momentum. Taking on a free course is a great way to increase your knowledge and confidence before making any major changes. Sign up to Understanding Enterprise today to develop skills for life that will help you reach your goals.

How do you put these tips into practice?

FIRST offer a fully funded course which will help you to develop your skills and work through each of these areas too. 

This can help you to become more self aware, build confidence and develop your skills to help you with that promotion, change career or even set up your own business.


The next course starts 20th May and places are limited so make sure you register today.


Hear from our learner

headshot of Lesley Calvert

“I joined the Understanding Enterprise Level 1 course because I had lots to say and energy to express, the ‘how’ was lacking. My confidence and self –belief at times held me back, I kept myself stuck. Having joined the course it really gave me a safe environment to build myself belief and confidence in that I can make a start."

Lesley Calvert

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