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XL Health workforce supply and development

XL Health's recently employed kickstarters took part in Understanding Enterprise to help them gain important skills that would help them support the local community and flourish in the work place.

What was your FIRST Step

Positive partnership working is at the heart of XL Health's approach to maximising their impact for their community. When they recruited young people to join their kickstart programme at their base in Hebburn, South Tyneside the FIRST team were happy to help.

Lynsey Finlayson, Community Manager at XL Health shares; 

"From the very beginning, the FIRST team were an absolute pleasure to deal with. As soon as we identified we shared the same goals for our learners, the connection and partnership effort to bring the Understanding Enterprise course to XL Health was in full swing and I'm proud of what we all achieved."

What is Understanding Enterprise?
Sam Cleg Highfly Ventures

Course delivery with a difference!

The awesomely engaging Sam Clegg delivered FIRST Level 1 qualification to the team at XL Health over 2 days of activities.

FIRST adapted the programme, to facilitate the needs of the learners and also community and business partners at XL Health.

Delivering 3 essential modules which are based on the Entrecomp Framework equipped the kickstarters with confidence and develop skills which 95% of North East employers claim are highly desirable. 

  1. Explore ideas focusing on strengths and weaknesses for the kickstarters.
  2. Access to resources developing the skills to be proactive in their new roles.
  3. Taking action and presenting their ideas.

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kickass skills

With over 100 learners completing Understanding Enterprise so far the course is delivered to support individual needs, and the feedback after each course is always different.

" The course gave the kickstarters confidence, self belief, the insight of recognising how to achieve your goals in smaller more manageable steps and to also see the benefits of teamwork. I believe the learners recognised they all have value, something to offer and the potential to grow. Their individual needs were took into account and the course was delivered accordingly "-  Lynsey Finlayson 

3 key skills which stood out for XL Health Kickstarters group were; motivation and perseverance, learning through experience and taking the initiative. 

An amazing 100% of XL Health learners said that they would highly recommend the course and provided lush feedback.

'I gained more confidence in public speaking, but also more confidence in myself.' - Jorin

'It has helped me to start thinking about taking action on my future career.' - Aaron 

If you want to find out more about how Understanding Enterprise helped the Kickstarters at XL Health you can watch this video

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